Eating Germany VII: a report on my talks at some US colleges


For all of you who wonder if I ever return to my desk in Berlin: yes, I will! But at the moment I’m still on the American east coast, proudly showing my new book around while giving talks at Hamilton, Ithaca, Cornell, NYU… It is an immense pleasure and honor to meet so many students willing to listen and learn when I tell them about German cheese, history, national identity, and we then taste some of those Alpine beauties together. Weiterlesen

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Käse-Orte: Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge/Massachusetts, USA

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2009 war ich zum ersten Mal in Cambridge/MA, Heimat von Harvard und MIT, für ein Seminar zum Thema historische Kochbücher, das die großartige Barbara Wheaton alljährlich an der Schlesinger Library hält (für das diesjährige im Juni gibt es noch einige wenige Plätze!!). Es war eine in jeder Hinsicht intensive Woche, die vielerlei bleibende Eindrücke hinterlassen hat, aber auch gute Freunde und eine zweite Heimat am Ende der vornehmen Brattle Street. Jeden Morgen lief ich an den stattlichen Anwesen der gutbetuchten Intelligentsia von Cambridge vorbei in Richtung Bibliothek und bewunderte die aufwendig gepflegten Gärten. Doch die großen Götter hatten noch mehr für mich vorbereitet: durch einen bloßen Fünf-Minuten-Schlenker entdeckte ich eine der besten Käse-Adressen auf dieser Seite des Atlantik, Formaggio Kitchen. Weiterlesen

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Cheese places: Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge/Massachusetts, USA


When I first came to Cambridge/MA in 2009 it was for a seminar on reading old cookbooks as historic sources, given by the amazing food scholar Barbara Ketcham Wheaton (she is doing another one in June this year – go by all means!!) at the Schlesinger Library. It was an intense, studious week which has left all kinds of lasting impressions on me, not the least very good friends and a home away from home at the end of beautiful, posh Brattle Street. Each morning I walked along the imposing mansions where the well endowed intelligentsia of Cambridge used to live (and still lives) and admired the well tended gardens. But serendipity had even more on offer for me: a mere five minutes detour introduced me to one of the very best cheese places this side of the Atlantic, Formaggio Kitchen. Weiterlesen

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Riesling and more at the Dr Frank estate on Keuka Lake/Finger Lakes, NY

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Here I am, touring Upstate New York talking to students at various colleges about the joys of real cheese, book writing and German history – it’s an honor to be able to gently push some of you guys into a direction you might not have thought existed before we met!  Reminds me of the affinage process, when cheeses are gently guided to mature into something the cheese”maker” has done a lot to get to, but can never be totally sure will happen in the end. Takes a lot of listening and attention and dedication, in both cases. All this to say that I’ve been in total cheese mode, with wine down the priority list, to :”stuff to drink and enjoy” – as opposed to taste and write about. Until somebody at my wonderful friend’s Naomi’s party last Sunday near Utica brought along a bottle of Dr. Frank‘s Rkatsiteli from Lake Keuka, one of the larger ones of the twelve Finger Lakes in Upstate New York. Weiterlesen

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Eating Germany VI: sweet, tiny Nordseekrabben aka brown shrimps


We call them crabs, but to be correct, these tiny pinkish brown creatures are shrimp, fished by specialized boats in the North Sea. As a kid, on the rare occasions my parents took my two younger brothers and me to a restaurant, I would invariably order a shrimp cocktail. It always came in a short-stemmed glass, the shrimp nestling on a few green lettuce leaves, partly covered by the sweet and fruity rose-colored cocktail sauce. But those were pink shrimp and rather large. Back then, Nordseekrabben were thought of as much too perishable to transport. Nowadays, with better preservation and transport, you can find them in supermarkets. Weiterlesen

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Cheese of the month April 2014: Graukäse from the Ahrn Valley in Alto Adige/Italy

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Graukäse, grey cheese… doesn’t sound exactly sexy, does it? And on top of that unfortunate name, the poor chap habitually has to suffer disfiguration in the form of onion rings and vinegar. Folks, this is just unacceptable. Stop dissing Graukäse and dousing it with cheap acidity right now! Instead, start taking in its real taste. If you feel like totally blank now, surrounded by question marks – before you hit the escape button: this is about the northern Italian cousin of the German Handkäse-Harzer-Korbkäse family. Weiterlesen

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Käse des Monats April 2014: Graukäse aus dem Ahrntal/Südtirol, Italien

Foto Carolin Riffel

Grauer Käse… Klingt nicht gerade sexy. Und dann wird der arme Kerl im Ernstfall auch noch mit Essig und Zwiebeln zwangsbeglückt! Das muß ein Ende haben. Hier ist mein Plädoyer: liebe Leute, hört endlich mit dem Graukäse-Dissen auf und schmeckt stattdessen mal richtig hin. Wer jetzt den Kopf schüttelt und weiter klicken will, weil er bis jetzt nur lauter Fragezeichen sieht (Was zum Käseteufel ist Graukäse? Wovon redet sie eigentlich?): es geht um das Südtiroler Pendant zum Handkäse-Harzer-Korbkäse. Weiterlesen

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Käse-Orte: La Fromagerie in London/GB


Käse ist eine Welt für sich, eine der vielen kulinarisch definierten Schichten, die sich rund um den Erdball ziehen. Dieses Universum hat seine ganz eigenen Fixsterne, die mit ihrer besonderen Energie und Erfahrung all den anderen kleinen funkelnden Sternchen Orientierung und Inspiration sind. Einer der wichtigsten in Sachen Käse befindet sich in London; die Käsewelt ist schwer vorstellbar ohne La Fromagerie in Marylebone und die Frau dahinter, Patricia Michelson. Weiterlesen

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Cheese places: La Fromagerie, London/UK


The world of fine cheese is a universe in itself, one of the many food-defined layers that stretch around the globe. It has its own bright stars which serve as guidance to all the other twinklers, simply because they glow with a different kind of energy, passion and experience. One of the most important for cheese is in London, cheese simply wouldn’t be the same without La Fromagerie in Marylebone and the woman behind it: Patricia Michelson. Weiterlesen

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April 28 & 29, 2014: Meet me at the Bedford Cheese Shop in NYC!


I’m happy, proud and so excited to announce that I’ll be hosting two classes (yes, two!) at the glorious Bedford Cheese Shop of Brooklyn fame in New York on April 28 and 29. They run from 6.30 till 8.30pm and represent the culminating point of a row of talks, tastings and events that month. It’s all to celebrate my new book, a history of food in Germany (which you can pre-order – go get!!!), and I’m looking forward to meeting as many potential readers (and cheese aficionados) as possible.  Weiterlesen

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